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About us

Welcome to Silver Spirit Wedding Cars. We are a family company operated by husband and wife Gray & Jo.

Graham started this wedding business in 2003 with 'Roly', our white Rolls Royce Silver Spirit car. He wanted a Rolls Royce and thought that this was the best reason he could think of for buying one!

He said that it would not cause me much extra work! But it soon became apparent that this was not exactly the case, and a woman's touch was definitely needed. So I began to take on the 'office' work, and provided the 'interior' designing on the cars, and all the little special touches, which ensure a quality, individualised personal service, and gradually as the business started to become busier I became very enthusiastic about everything that we were providing.

Grahams face was a picture when his chauffeurs' uniform complete with hat and gloves arrived from London!

As demand for the car grew, I felt that it would be a good idea if we bought a vintage car, and so began the search for something a little different.

Eventually we found 'Boris' a 1929 Morris Oxford. I just knew when I saw him that he was 'the one' for us, large and regal. He is very very popular, and everyone loves him when they see him. Because he was made in 1929, I thought that voile curtains at his windows would be fitting, and in keeping with the Georgian era, – he is unique.

Graham was the chauffeur for Boris, and so our daughter Cheryl became the chauffeuse for the Rolls Royce. I have to say she was more than delighted. Especially when her chauffeurs' uniform arrived too.

Business continued to increase and so we began to feel disappointed when we had to tell customers that the cars were already booked. So a further search began for another vintage car, and so we found 'Henry', a 1928 Morris Cowley, who has a soft top, and can therefore have his hood lowered for marvellous photographs.

After we bought 'Henry,' we then had to buy another luxury car as a support car for him, so 'Jeffrey' was the next addition to the family; he is a stunning white Jaguar XJ6. He is used for bridesmaids, brides' mother, groom and best man etc, or simply as another bridal car, for those people wanting a more modern theme.

Then we bought Harvey so that we could combine the character of a vintage car with all the modern benefits of a new car and the increased carrying capacity that enables all bridesmaids to go to the church together.

As our vintage cars became more in demand, we found it necessary to buy another one, so Oscar joined us and is proving to be very popular and a word often used for him is 'cute'.

Winston is our final addition, and he actually came from Windsor. I suspect from the interested looks and double takes from people that they thought we had the Queen, or a VIP on board.

We found that we got even busier, and recommendations from previous customers definitely increased the work load – (not that we're complaining) We have very high standards, and like to have things 'just so'; as we know that a wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Despite my reluctance to get involved at first, I now find that I really enjoy all aspects of the business.

It is usually me you will have first contact with on the telephone at your initial enquiry, I listen carefully to what you would like, and together we discuss your requirements, take details, and complete a booking form. As word spreads further, about our hugely popular cars and our quality professional but friendly service, we have found it necessary to purchase a car trailer to enable us to take the vintage cars anywhere, so distance is no problem.

Now that we are operating with 9 cars, we have had to employ other chauffeurs. This was a tricky business finding the right people for the job, as we didn't want to compromise our high standards, but we have been very lucky and now we have a wonderful team of caring competant drivers, who all adhere to our standards. We all aim to help make your day memorable for all the right reasons.

In 2014 Silver Spirit joined Select (limos) Wedding Cars. Under the new management of Graham & Jo who started in the Limousine and Wedding car business in 2001. They continue to offer Classic wedding cars and Limousines , throughout Lincolnshire.